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People – Representing District 4 presents some unique challenges for legislators. The area has seen steady growth for several years. As population numbers continue to rise in ever increasing density and congestion, managing this growth for the welfare of all persons is a key concern. With approximately 84,000 residents in the district, an average number comparatively, the density of the residents is among the highest in Colorado.

Progress – The West Colfax corridor that bisects the district has been a great opportunity to build community and revitalize an area that has seen its share of issues. Building on recent successes in development, this area can continue to be a center for family entertainment, dining, and a vibrant community resource.

Purpose – Celebrating the unique diversity in this district is key to recognizing the intrinsic value that all the residents of this district bring to the table. Championing inclusiveness, recognizing differences, and a commitment to hear all voices will ensure, together, our example will have an everlasting impact on the
whole of Colorado.

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William Britt Biography

 William Edward Britt was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia by Grecian immigrants during times of social upheaval and the tumultuous civil rights movement. His grandfather, a local business owner, and one of the first to hire racial minorities, even at great personal risk to his well being and livelihood, left an indelible mark on his young grandson. Grandpa Pappas' commitment to social change shaped his community, region, and most importantly, the family ideals passed down generation to generation. Ed attended public schools in the Atlanta area and graduated from Riverside Military Academy. His undergraduate education began at Georgia Southern University and concluded at University of Mississippi. Ole Miss has a storied and infamous history of social unrest and political change. Historical sites and placards commemorate the events of the past and served as reminders to Eddie how passion and commitment can transform public opinion and change a nation. Ed has lived in Colorado for over 23 years. During that time, due to his passion and commitment to helping others, he has provided community service to groups and organizations such as the Sloan's Lake Neighborhood Association, Sloan's Lake Neighborhood Group, His Provision Food Ministries, and Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation. He also attended the University of Colorado at Denver, while working, obtaining a master's degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Local Government Budgeting. Ed has worked for government and educational organizations such as the Colorado Attorney General's Office, Auraria Higher Education Center, the Department of Revenue and The R-Enlisted Association for Military Veterans.  Ed's most recent foray into the political arena, other than running for State Representative, was helping to draft legislation to assist individuals with small municipal or petty offences. Working with numerous lawmakers, individuals, nonprofits, and governmental organizations over a period of numerous years, the bill was finally passed. These low-level offenses, often misreported by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, put an undue hardship on people, including denial of gainful employment and housing. Without the means to support themselves, faced with dire situations, or no place to live, the cycle of food stamps, Medicaid, or other support mechanisms are unbreakable. Now, hard-working, good citizens of Colorado have an equal opportunity at bettering themselves under this legislation thanks to the work of Eddie Britt. Ed is also a graduate of the prestigious Colorado Institute for Leadership Training that has produced more than 50 Democratic State Legislators and numerous other elected and nonprofit leaders statewide. He recently completed the mini law school program at the University of Colorado.


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